January Camp - Blacksmithing

Our Inaugural Texas Advance Camp.....

We had 2 young men join us for a day of blacksmithing.  It was an absolute blast.  We started our day with the blessing of a donated Limo ride to camp in a stretch F650 Ford Truck, donated coffee and pastries from Starbucks on 377 in Granbury, picked up a donation of Sweet Tea and Lemonade from Kane's Chicken in Benbrook, then an hour ride to Newark, TX.  We were met by Chuck Stone and The Master's Forge with the history of blacksmithing and his abundance of tools in his shop.  We had time to make 2 projects (pictured below) and had an awesome lunch made for us.  

Our Crew With the F650 Limo - The young men were blown away with the fact they got to ride to camp in this. It was quite a treat!

Lunch - The teacher for the next camp treated us to lunch. The young men will be learning the skills of Cowboy Cooking with cast iron on open fire during our February camp.

Current Needs

We would love to be able to gift the young men their very own cast iron skillet at our next camp. This is approximately $20 per young man.We also just had to make our first insurance payment for Advance Camp which was $861. The next two payments will be due in the next few months. We would love financial help with the insurance premium.Lastly, but most importantly, we would love prayer that the right young men would be brought to us for camp! 

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