June Camp - General Contractor

General Contractor Camp

How do you share Jesus in your day job? For Junes camp, we were able to teach the young men that you can share about Jesus in a "normal" day job. We were able to show them how you can minister through your job even if you aren't in full time ministry. The young men learned some very valuable life skills through experts in their fields, while also sparking interest in these guys for long term careers. 

All The GC Skills

We had an expert General Contractor teach the young men an overview of responsibilities a GC has on a daily basis. We also had an expert electrician, plumber, and window treatment specialist teach the young men about their specialties. The four experts helped provide the young men with a well rounded understanding of the role a General Contractor plays. 

Certified Electrician

We had the privilege of a guest electrician, Zack from Providence Electric, at camp with us. He taught basic wiring, how to test a circuit, and what a career path looks like in the electrical world.


We were blessed with Jerrell to teach plumbing. He taught how to hook up sink drainage, water lines, repair a faucet, and replace a toilet.

Window Treatment

We had Joseph from Budget Blinds in Mansfield to come teach how to measure, fit, and mount window treatments.  


Nic from Harborage Building Company was our GC for the day. He also taught the young men how to frame. He taught how to frame a wall, frame a window and door, and the proper way to swig a hammer. The young men all learned how to do it the old school way, hammer and nail.  

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